Sudden Change and Oils

Well here I sit ready for bed and haven’t written a blog post recently and there are so many things I have to share.

But guess what! Life happened.

Lost my husband’s uncle unexpectedly just a few weeks ago. Heartbreaking. I showed up with family and had Trauma Life Oil and Breathe Again to help support my loved ones. Release became an important oil over the next week after this. Lots of family, lots of tears and lots of oils. Emotional support system.

Then off went my two kids all grown up to kindergarten and 6th grade. Both milestones and there I was rubbing Thieves on their feet and giving them Ningxia Red because I want my loved ones to stay well. Then there was me with Valor oil as I left in tears of sadness my kids are growing and proud of the amazing humans they are and will be.

Today, today…I sit here and I reflect on the gratitude I have for the lavender in my diffuser to help calm me after a fire at the kids school and I pulled up with my husband to see ambulances, fire trucks and police. This sent my heart immediately into panic. 15 minutes later my crying babies were in our arms and safe. My heart is happy, my life is full and I am thankful for all of you.

Ready for this journey or not Young Living is a decision I will never regret. Get a starter kit today for only $165 (valued at $405+ retail). This is a part of my journey toolbox I believe everyone should have as well. Life happens. Use Oils.

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  1. Outstanding testimonial. And that’s how we share on the Rocky Mountain Team!!!!!!!! We know, We Share, We Grow, We Care, And we always always always OUT LOVE OUR COMPETITION!!!!!!


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