Don’t wait for tomorrow …

I write this blog post on a day that some more sad news of a dear friend losing someone unexpectedly and quickly comes. Just weeks after we lost a very precious family member in a similar manner. My heart feels the sadness and pain for others and I send virtual hugs to all of you going through a difficult time.

This message is also about living your dream doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, quitting the job that is not serving your life’s purpose and passion, telling your family you love them, finding a more flexible job that you can be with your family more, life is not about money but about relationships. Cherish every relationship you have and hug everyone you can as often as you get the chance. If you’ve met me, you’ve likely received a hug!

I wish I would have started sharing Young Living Oils sooner because essential oils and aromatherapy jewelry are my passion. I never knew that they could be my job and how much I was missing out on at home and with my family. I feel so blessed to have discovered this in light of not only the last year but the recent events that I noted.

May you all be well and living in health. If you want to talk to me about my journey with Young Living Essential Oils and getting more of the work life balance that every single one of us deserves please reach out. Or if you just want to use oils to support you and your loved ones.

May love and hugs be yours today and everyday until they aren’t…..

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