Cherish the moments…

So another day comes and another day goes. This photo brings me back to this morning as our family of four went on a little hike in lovely Colorado. These four are my life and my heart.

In addition, this was my first hike since a car accident 10 months ago and I made it about 1/3 the usual distance but wow did it feel good and I am proud! I am proud if me (yes, be proud of yourself) and I’m proud if my little hikers and blessed with an amazing husband!

It is these moments we cherish. This weekend came with some MAJOR emotional upsets and challenges. I cried a lot. But we get back up and we choose the positive in our life and have to learn to let go of that or those whom we cannot change or trust. I have dwelled for days now and at this moment I remember to choose and cherish those who support us, love us and bring positivity to our lives.

For my family (the Core Four), my family who knows the real me, my amazing in-laws, my friends, my amazing oils team and support group and those of you I haven’t met yet who will add even more love and positivity I am ever grateful.

In gratitude during a difficult time that is full of blessings. This thing we call life! Love it, live it. Katie

And yes, I’ve been bathing in my emotional support essential oils! Release, White Angelica, Grounding. Thanks goodness for my huge support group in small bottles!

#justme #essentialoils #zerotohero #reallife #gratitude

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