Someday comes too soon…

Today was a day that hits you in the chest and puts a lump in your throat. Today was the day that “someday” came too soon. Before Buster departed we diffused and put on his head White Angelica Oil to send him with the Angels. We were blessed with almost 18 years with this amazing soul.

Hug your pets, hug your family, hug your friends, hug strangers.

Someday will be here before you know it.

Thinking of wearing that dress or shirt with tags for a special occasion? Wear it tomorrow. Saving that expensive essential oil for the day you “really” need it? Put it on now. Waiting to forgive someone and mend a relationship? Don’t waste another minute. Why? Because someday comes before we know it.

Rest In Peace sweet Buster. December 31, 2001-October 3, 2019.

Published by Oils For the People

I was born to help others, people are my purpose! Essential oils are my passion. Join me in a movement of Oils For the People!

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