Someday comes too soon…

Today was a day that hits you in the chest and puts a lump in your throat. Today was the day that “someday” came too soon. Before Buster departed we diffused and put on his head White Angelica Oil to send him with the Angels. We were blessed with almost 18 years with this amazing soul.

Hug your pets, hug your family, hug your friends, hug strangers.

Someday will be here before you know it.

Thinking of wearing that dress or shirt with tags for a special occasion? Wear it tomorrow. Saving that expensive essential oil for the day you “really” need it? Put it on now. Waiting to forgive someone and mend a relationship? Don’t waste another minute. Why? Because someday comes before we know it.

Rest In Peace sweet Buster. December 31, 2001-October 3, 2019.

7 pounds of lipstick!

Savvy Minerals

Did you know that Young Living has Mineral Makeup?! We DO, and it is fabulous! Clean makeup, infused with essential oils, that is safe for your skin!!

Are you a lipstick girl OR are you a lip gloss girl? If you have not yet begun to dive into the mineral makeup world…..we challenge you to go to your back office, browse the lipstick & lip gloss colors, pick one and give it a try!

This is a makeup line that you can feel good about and want to share with the women in your life, of ALL ages!

Fun Fact – on average, women will eat about 7lbs of lipstick in their lifetime. What’s in YOUR lipstick?

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Cherish the moments…

So another day comes and another day goes. This photo brings me back to this morning as our family of four went on a little hike in lovely Colorado. These four are my life and my heart.

In addition, this was my first hike since a car accident 10 months ago and I made it about 1/3 the usual distance but wow did it feel good and I am proud! I am proud if me (yes, be proud of yourself) and I’m proud if my little hikers and blessed with an amazing husband!

It is these moments we cherish. This weekend came with some MAJOR emotional upsets and challenges. I cried a lot. But we get back up and we choose the positive in our life and have to learn to let go of that or those whom we cannot change or trust. I have dwelled for days now and at this moment I remember to choose and cherish those who support us, love us and bring positivity to our lives.

For my family (the Core Four), my family who knows the real me, my amazing in-laws, my friends, my amazing oils team and support group and those of you I haven’t met yet who will add even more love and positivity I am ever grateful.

In gratitude during a difficult time that is full of blessings. This thing we call life! Love it, live it. Katie

And yes, I’ve been bathing in my emotional support essential oils! Release, White Angelica, Grounding. Thanks goodness for my huge support group in small bottles!

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Don’t wait for tomorrow …

I write this blog post on a day that some more sad news of a dear friend losing someone unexpectedly and quickly comes. Just weeks after we lost a very precious family member in a similar manner. My heart feels the sadness and pain for others and I send virtual hugs to all of you going through a difficult time.

This message is also about living your dream doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, quitting the job that is not serving your life’s purpose and passion, telling your family you love them, finding a more flexible job that you can be with your family more, life is not about money but about relationships. Cherish every relationship you have and hug everyone you can as often as you get the chance. If you’ve met me, you’ve likely received a hug!

I wish I would have started sharing Young Living Oils sooner because essential oils and aromatherapy jewelry are my passion. I never knew that they could be my job and how much I was missing out on at home and with my family. I feel so blessed to have discovered this in light of not only the last year but the recent events that I noted.

May you all be well and living in health. If you want to talk to me about my journey with Young Living Essential Oils and getting more of the work life balance that every single one of us deserves please reach out. Or if you just want to use oils to support you and your loved ones.

May love and hugs be yours today and everyday until they aren’t…..

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Just a Regular Kind of Day

Happy Tuesday. Are Tuesday’s Happy? Saying Happy Monday is more sarcastic, Happy Hump day is valid as it’s a mid-point. Happy Friday, now that’s right! Or is it…. guess what, every day for me is like a Friday or a Saturday since I began my Young Living Business to Help People and educate on oil use and the importance of using the only non-GMO oils you can get!

I could not be luckier, a regular day for me now Is like an everyday Friday of my old jobs that had a potluck or holiday involved 😂

I live for people, for fun. For laughter and to be there for all that I can. Join me in the journey! Who’s ready for a Happy Everyday???

I’m not special, we all are! If I can do this so can YOU!

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Sudden Change and Oils

Well here I sit ready for bed and haven’t written a blog post recently and there are so many things I have to share.

But guess what! Life happened.

Lost my husband’s uncle unexpectedly just a few weeks ago. Heartbreaking. I showed up with family and had Trauma Life Oil and Breathe Again to help support my loved ones. Release became an important oil over the next week after this. Lots of family, lots of tears and lots of oils. Emotional support system.

Then off went my two kids all grown up to kindergarten and 6th grade. Both milestones and there I was rubbing Thieves on their feet and giving them Ningxia Red because I want my loved ones to stay well. Then there was me with Valor oil as I left in tears of sadness my kids are growing and proud of the amazing humans they are and will be.

Today, today…I sit here and I reflect on the gratitude I have for the lavender in my diffuser to help calm me after a fire at the kids school and I pulled up with my husband to see ambulances, fire trucks and police. This sent my heart immediately into panic. 15 minutes later my crying babies were in our arms and safe. My heart is happy, my life is full and I am thankful for all of you.

Ready for this journey or not Young Living is a decision I will never regret. Get a starter kit today for only $165 (valued at $405+ retail). This is a part of my journey toolbox I believe everyone should have as well. Life happens. Use Oils.

Enroller/Sponsor ID 14575946

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Oils Meet Life

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Katie and I’ve been an avid wellness study and essential oil user for almost 20 years. (I didn’t know about oil differences this whole time and want to help you skip these steps.) Why did I start this blog for the people?

  • Because I love people and I want to help them, every single one of them. (Yes, I was born this way). Sometimes to my own detriment as you will learn later – but the ending is good!
  • Because every person without essential oils or essential oils education can benefit physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally by adding them to your day!

I want to be your person, I want to help you find your passion and purpose! I want you to be the best version of you!

To help you get started, here Is my website, jump straight in or remain a skeptical student, either way let’s take this journey together.

Oils For The People by Katie.

Love, Light, Passion, Prosperity, Health, Happiness and Oils.

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Life is Love
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